Latino & Immigrant Leaders Warn Voters: "Don't Let Scott Walker Do to the U.S. What he Did to Wisconsin!"

Latino & Immigrant Leaders Warn Voters: "Don't Let Scott Walker Do to the U.S. What he Did to Wisconsin!"

Immigrant & Latino Leaders from Wisconsin, Key Battleground States Highlight Walker’s Extreme Positions on Immigration and Other Issues Affecting the Fastest Growing Segment of US Electorate

WASHINGTON, DC – This afternoon Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will officially launch his presidential campaign at a rally in Waukesha, a suburb of Milwaukee. Outside the event will be immigrant families and progressive activists from Voces de la Frontera Action, People for the American Way, labor unions, and other groups warning the country of his anti-worker and anti-immigrant record as governor of Wisconsin.  

Ahead of the events, national and local Latino and immigrant rights advocates held a telephonic press conference to preview what his candidacy means for Latino and immigrant families across the country, given his track record in Wisconsin and recent remarks on the campaign trail: 


Cristobal Alex, President of Latino Victory Project:

“A [Scott] Walker presidency would be continuation of the anti-labor, anti-immigrant, anti-women and anti-healthcare agenda he’s had as Governor – and it should be clear for Latinos - he’s not for us.”

Christine Neumann Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action (Milwaukee, WI):

“Wisconsinites know first hand the harm he can do to America – and take it from us, Scott Walker is not someone you can trust. At first he supported policies important to the immigrant community – such as drivers licenses, tuition equality, but has done a somersault on those issues and has only become more hardline as he’s running for president. We have a clear message for the rest of the country. Don’t let Walker do to the U.S. what he has done to Wisconsin.”

Elizabeth Perez, DREAMer with Youth Empowered in the Struggle (Milwaukee, WI):

“If elected president, [Scott Walker] has promised to repeal any immigration action that would keep families like mine together. As he campaigns across the country, he’ll find many more families like mine. He’ll quickly learn that not only Latino immigrant families oppose his policies, but so will most American voters.”

Andres Ramirez, Principal, Ramirez Group (Las Vegas, NV):

“Scott Walker’s electoral success in Wisconsin is about to be put to a real test. He’s coming to talk to a more diverse electorate of real American voters, and he’ll have to justify his record of harsh policies as Governor of Wisconsin.

“Walker’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy – pitting workers against immigrants - may have worked in Wisconsin, but in a state like Nevada with a large Latino, Asian, and immigrant population, he will have a much more difficult sell.

“When Walker arrives in Vegas tomorrow, he’s going to have to explain why he is opposed to so many issues popular among regular Nevadans. If he wants to win Nevada, he’s going to have to appeal to voters here and some of Walker’s policies would be disastrous for the people of Nevada.“

Daniel Barajas, Executive Director, Young American Dreamers (Auburndale, FL):

“Walker doesn’t represent us here. The voters of Florida will not and cannot stand against anyone who stands against our values – and we expect candidates who support policies that would help our community, and that includes staying consistent on immigration reform.”



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