With Vote on “Trump Act”, Senate GOP Eager to Go On Record Once Again As Anti-Immigrant

With Vote on “Trump Act”, Senate GOP Eager to Go On Record Once Again As Anti-Immigrant

Instead of Debating Real Immigration Solutions, GOP-Led Senate Chooses Trump-Inspired Enforcement-Only Approach

WASHINGTON, DC – This afternoon, the GOP-led Senate will vote on S. 2146, the “Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act,” which would cut law enforcement funding and punish more than 300 counties and cities nationwide that have adopted community trust policies between local police and the immigrant community.

Below are remarks by advocates from the Alliance for Citizenship and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights.

Lia Parada, Legislative Director of the Alliance for Citizenship:

“Once again, Senate Republicans seem to be falling over themselves to go on record and vote for such an anti-immigrant bill that has very little likelihood of becoming law. Sen. Vitter’s “Trump Act” would cut funding for local law enforcement and discourage trust and cooperation between police and the immigrant community.”

“Instead of continuing to play political games with these harsh, enforcement-only bills – the Senate should focus on and debate serious, comprehensive solutions to fixing our nation’s broken immigration system.”

"Any Senator who has ever claimed to support fixing our broken immigration system must vote AGAINST Sen. Vitter's bill today. Although it may be a symbolic vote to go on record for the nativists in Congress, Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters across the country will know who's with us and who is against our families and communities."

Fred Tsao, Senior Policy Counsel at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights:

“We urge Senator Kirk to reject this legislation, which would undercut local efforts to ensure public safety and unconstitutionally coerce municipalities into acting like immigration authorities.”


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