Over the past three years, DACA has changed the lives of nearly 700,000 immigrant youth. 

Since its announcement by President Obama on June 15th, 2012, nearly 700,000 immigrant youth have applied for and received DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - allowing them to work and study in the United States while being temporarily protected from deportation. DACA has helped countless families, boosted local economies, and allowed DREAMers to achieve amazing success - going to college, starting small businesses, and working to provide their families with a better life. 

DACA didn't just happen - immigrant youth and allies organized, protested, petitioned, and lobbied to make it a reality - and now on the program's third anniversary, Republicans continue to try to take it away. DACAmented immigrant youth and their families are fighting back against these attacks - and winning. 

Which members of Congress have voted to support DREAMers? ...and who has voted to end DACA and deport them?

This year, both the Senate and House of Representatives voted multiple times to end DACA - potentially exposing thousands of young immigrant students and small business owners to deportation. Below are scorecards of all members of Congress and how they score on their support for DACA: