Latino & Immigrant Voters Can Speak 'Politics' Too, Sen. Rubio

Latino & Immigrant Voters Can Speak 'Politics' Too, Sen. Rubio

Latino, Immigrant Voters See Through The Candidate's Double-speak on Immigration; Demand Nothing Less Than Citizenship

WASHINGTON – Marco Rubio further muddled his immigration position in an interview with CNBC on Monday, backtracking on his previous support for comprehensive reform that included a path to citizenship for millions of people. MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin captured how Rubio is intentionally confusing voters on his immigration position to avoid committing to any position before the general election. Below are statements from Latino and immigrant rights leaders:

Laura Martin, Deputy Director, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada:

“We can't wait to see him in Las Vegas this week, but he better be prepared to give Nevada voters a real answer on immigration. Our community can see through the double-speak on “securing the border first,” “legal status,” and “special pathways.” No one is going to pull the wool over our eyes. These candidates can continue to play rhetorical games on the campaign trail, but at the end of the day, our communities are fully aware, and we demand nothing less than citizenship.”

Esteban Garces, Director, Mi Familia Vota – Florida:

“Floridians are well versed with Rubio’s backtrack maneuvering on immigration. First it was citizenship, and now it sounds like he’s backtracking on a pathway to legal status for hardworking immigrant families. 

"To all the politicians seeking the Latino vote: If you want our vote, we expect nothing less than a pathway to citizenship--and our community will be closely watching and speaking through the polls!"


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