Texas v. United States

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, joined by Republican attorneys general and governors of 25 other states, has sued the Obama administration arguing that the November 20th executive actions are unconstitutional. Hundreds of legal scholars, public officials, and law enforcement officers agree - the executive actions are not only legally sound, but morally right and economically beneficial. 

- National Immigration Law Center - Texas v USA

- AIC: Understanding Legal Challenges to DACA & DAPA

- NILC: Amicus Briefs Filed at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

- CCC/FIRM: Guide to Writing a Letter to the Editor

List of Legal Experts, Scholars & Public Officials Who Support Executive Action

CAP: The High Cost of Delaying Executive Action on Immigration


Executive Action:

On November 20th, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions aimed at temporarily fixing parts of our nation's broken immigration system, including the ability for nearly 5 million immigrants to apply for temporary protection from deportation through new deferred action programs. Below are fact sheets and materials with more information. 

DACA & DAPA Implementation Links

- CAP: The Economic & Fiscal Benefits of Executive Action

- CAP: Topline Fiscal Impact of Executive Action on 31 States

Not One More Deportation



Congressional & Legislative Resources:

This year, Republicans stormed Congress with their largest majority in decades - and they've spent their first few months in control of both houses doing nothing but attacking hardworking immigrant families. 

- Grades: How Does Your Congressman Score on DACA?

- Grades: How Does Your Senator Score on DACA?

A4C Report: Mass Deportation Agenda of 114th Congress

Contact Your Member of Congress

AIC: Facts about the SAFE Act



2016 Campaign:

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States of Change: The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate 


Other Resources:

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