Rand Paul's Anti-Immigrant Voting Record Doesn't Make Him A "Different Kind of Republican"

Rand Paul's Anti-Immigrant Voting Record Doesn't Make Him A "Different Kind of Republican"

How can Rand Paul become President if he keeps offending the fastest growing electorate by voting repeatedly to deport Dreamers and take away citizenship from U.S. born children?  

Washington, DC— As Kentucky Senator Rand Paul officially enters the 2016 presidential race today, the immigrant rights movement remain steadfast to not let any potential 2016 candidates run away from their anti-immigrant voting records, and commit to holding every candidate accountable for their public remarks and position on immigrant reform.

Below are remarks from Lupe Lopez, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Citizenship:

“Rand Paul can put on all the lipstick he wants for his big day, but there’s not enough to cover up and gloss over his anti-immigrant voting record. He voted against a bipartisan comprehensive immigration solution that would have kept families together and boost our economy, voted repeatedly to deport Dreamers and hardworking immigrants, and now supports taking away U.S. birthright citizenship from children born in this country. For someone launching their national presidential campaign as a “different kind of Republican,” it sure sounds like the same old anti-immigrant positions held by the far-right extremist members in his party.

“The next President of the United States must come ready with a serious plan and timetable to fix our country’s broken immigration system. Candidates who say one thing and vote another way on immigration have no chance of winning the White House – voters see through empty rhetoric.

“As the fastest growing segment of the American electorate, Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters have three questions for all the 2016 presidential candidates:

  • · Will you repeal the President’s immigration action that helps millions of undocumented immigrant workers come forward to temporarily live, work, and stay with their families in America?
  • · What’s your solution for the 11 million people living in America under our broken immigration system knowing it is hurting our economy?
  • · Will you meet with undocumented immigrant families to hear their stories and tell them how you plan to fix the broken system?

“We only wish Sen. Paul was brave enough to be the different kind of Republican he says he is, but with his anti-immigrant voting record in the Senate, he doesn’t seem any different than the radical fringe in his Party.”