Latino Families in Texas, Nationwide Can't Afford Rick Perry as President

Latino Families in Texas, Nationwide Can't Afford Rick Perry as President

Fmr. Texas Governor Launches Campaign Promising “Truth”, Bi-Partisanship, But Anti-Immigrant Record As Governor Hurt Millions of Texas Latinos

WASHINGTON – Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry officially launched his presidential campaign today at an event near Dallas. Below are remarks from Lupe Lopez, Executive Director of the Alliance for Citizenship.

“Rick Perry served as governor of a state with one of the largest Latino and immigrant populations in the country, but his policies only hurt hardworking Texas families. Now, he’s running for president to expand his attacks on Latino and immigrant families, who see him as just another losing candidate in a crowded GOP field. Perry’s governorship was bad for Latino families in Texas, and a Perry presidency would be bad for Latino and immigrant families nationwide.

"Gov. Perry has consistently been opposed to citizenship for immigrants, doesn’t support the federal DREAM Act, believes DACA is unconstitutional, and vetoed drivers licenses for Texas’ immigrant community. During his last campaign, he was even endorsed by notorious anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“Most of these presidential candidates just give speeches on immigration – but actions speak louder than words, and Perry has a long track record of hurting immigrant families as Governor of Texas. No candidate can hope to win the White House without the support of Latino and immigrant voters. With such a terrible history on important issues like immigration, Rick Perry’s chance of winning that key demographic doesn’t look good. ”