O'Malley's Entrance into Presidential Race Raises the Bar for All 2016 Candidates on Immigration

O'Malley's Entrance into Presidential Race Raises the Bar for All 2016 Candidates on Immigration

Newest Democratic Candidate Has Demonstrated Leadership on Immigrant Rights; Pushing for Maryland DREAM Act, Welcoming Refugee Children with Open Arms

WASHINGTON – Tomorrow at a rally on Baltimore’s Federal Hill, Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is expected to launch his campaign for President in 2016. Jesus Perez, a local DREAMer and leader with CASA in Action will join him on stage for the announcement.

Below are remarks from Lupe Lopez, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Citizenship:

“True leadership often emerges in times of crises. Last summer, when thousands of children fleeing violence in Central America arrived at our southern border, many politicians, including prominent Democrats and the Obama Administration argued for their immediate deportation. Gov. O’Malley, however, stood strong on principle and argued, ‘We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death. I believe that we should be guided by…the power of our principles…hospitality to strangers is an essential human dignity.’

“Throughout his time as Governor, Martin O’Malley has taken political risks to establish himself as a fighter for immigrant rights. The debate over immigration in Washington has too long been held captive by politicians who lack the courage to take a bold stand on principle. So far, all three Democratic candidates have embraced the new politics of immigration and adopted strong positions that include a path to citizenship and the reduction of family detention centers. Meanwhile the GOP presidential field continues to push away vital Latino, Asian American, and immigrant voters with their shameless attacks and nativist rhetoric. We’re excited to see a real debate on immigration emerge with O’Malley’s candidacy.”

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