New Report Shows 114th Congress to be Most Anti-Immigrant in Recent History

New Report Shows 114th Congress to be Most Anti-Immigrant in Recent History

‘The 2015 GOP Mass Deportation Agenda’ by the Alliance for Citizenship Outlines Unprecedented Levels of Anti-Immigrant Attacks During this Congress 

WASHINGTON – Today, as House Republicans hold yet another hearing to grandstand and attack immigrants, this time going after birthright citizenship, the Alliance for Citizenship is releasing a new report: The 2015 GOP Mass Deportation Agenda, which outlines and summarizes the anti-immigrant votes, hearings, and attacks by the 114th Congress.

The report offers a chronological summary of immigration related votes, debates, and hearings during the first 100 days of this Congress. With Republicans holding historic majorities in the House and the Senate, they:

  • Allowed 12 votes on anti-immigrant bills and amendments

  • Held more than 20 anti-immigrant committee hearings

  • Voted repeatedly to repeal DACA and DAPA

  • Proposed ending birthright citizenship

  • Held a hearing on voter fraud in the not-yet-implemented DAPA program

  • Invited 12 members of known hate-groups to testify in committee

  • Marked up extreme mass deportation legislation (HR 1148) allowing racial profiling 

“This report provides hard numbers to confirm what we’ve known all along – that Republicans in Congress have given up all interest in passing real, commonsense immigration reform, and are willing to let nativists like Rep. Steve King and Sen. Jeff Sessions push their caucus to new heights of xenophobia and anti-immigrant hate”, says Lia Parada, Legislative Director for the Alliance for Citizenship.

“It is our hope that congressional Republicans reflect on this report, and consider the dangerous electoral implications of their radical mass deportation agenda. Latino, Asian-American, and immigrant voters are a rapidly growing electorate, and won’t easily forget the attacks on their communities launched by members of this Congress.”