RECAP: May 19 Day of Action to #Fight4DAPA

RECAP: May 19 Day of Action to #Fight4DAPA

Immigrant Families, Faith, Union Leaders, and Elected Officials Rallied in 22 States to Demand an End to Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit Blocking DAPA

WASHINGTON - Today, hundreds of Dreamers, immigrant families, faith, labor, business, advocates, and elected officials joined together for the National Day of Action to #Fight4DAPA. At rallies, petition deliveries, and press conferences across the country, pro-reform supporters demanded an end to the Republican-driven lawsuit currently blocking the implementation of the new Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs and reminded politicians and 2016 presidential hopefuls what’s at stake for millions of American families on this issue.

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Below are remarks from elected officials, impacted immigrants and supporters of the events:

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX):

“Delaying DAPA’s implementation is a disservice to families, to America’s economy, and to our national security. However, even when this measure is ruled constitutional – which I’m confident it will be – more must be done to fix our country’s broken immigration system. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to get on the right side of history and allow a vote on comprehensive, permanent reform.”


Judith Zambrano, an undocumented mother from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and member of the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice:

“Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley keeps wasting needed money from our state’s general fund by once again attacking and scapegoating our immigrant communities. Most legal experts agree that this lawsuit is a political stunt and has no legal merit. I’m organizing to tell Gov. Bentley to withdraw Alabama’s name from the Texas vs. United States lawsuit and stop attacking our families.”


Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera:

“We call on ov. Walker to drop Wisconsin from this anti-immigrant lawsuit. 35,000 families will benefit from these programs in our state, and Governor Walker is playing politics with their lives. It’s morally wrong and politically bankrupt. The Romney/Ryan anti-immigrant platform lost in 2012 and it isn’t going to win in 2016.”


Angelica Salas, Executive Director of CHIRLA:

“For months we have been preparing for the day when we can help our community apply for DAPA or DACA. We will continue that preparation and guard our community against fraud as long as it is necessary. At the same time, we have been preparing to hold accountable those whose disdain of our community is keeping us from moving forward.

We are convinced the courts will rule in our community's favor and the President's administrative relief programs will go forward. However, when the times comes, we will be ready to ask: were you there to protect me, my mom, and my dad?”


Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO):

“DACA’s expansion and the new DAPA program would provide relief for tens of thousands of hard-working Coloradans, and aspiring Americans, who want nothing more than to contribute in a meaningful way to our communities. Unfortunately, an activist judge is trying to dismantle this relief, just to score political points. It’s unacceptable and shameful. You can’t play political games with people’s lives.”

“I’m confident that in time this issue will ultimately be resolved in favor of all the potential beneficiaries throughout country and I’m taking the steps necessary to assist in the full, successful implementation of this promising program.”


Ehiracenia Vazquez, Houston mother of two and member of the Texas Organizing Project:

“Texas Gov. Abbott is responsible for why my family continues to live with uncertainty and fear, because of him, I could be taken away from my children at anytime. May 19th was supposed to be the day that I could apply for DAPA, when my family could finally have the hope of living without fear of being separated. Gov. Abbott and the other politicians need to drop this lawsuit that only aims to tear apart families like mine. Our community is going to fight harder than ever against these politicians who are standing in our way.”