What will the Republican presidential candidates say next on immigration?

During the GOP Debates this fall, Immigrant families, organizations, and allies will gather for debate watch parties... They’re great ways to get leaders and activists together as we encourage political awareness and educate our communities.

We have to show that Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters are engaged in and driving the national debate. No candidate will get away with lies, excuses, or be able to hide from their track record or past remarks on immigrants, or failing to address our broken immigration system.

On Twitter, make sure to follow @Citizenship4All for live updates from the debate, and you can react or ask your own questions using #GOPDebate and #ImPower

Here are some downloadable materials to help you plan your own debate watch party:

We continue to push ALL candidates to meet with undocumented immigrant families and workers, find out what they would do to the deferred action programs (DACA, DACA+, and DAPA), and of course, what is their solution for the 11 million and how do they plan to work with Congress to make it real for our families and communities?