Jeb Bush Loses Cool With NV Student When Pressed On Citizenship

Jeb Bush Loses Cool With NV Student When Pressed On Citizenship

More Excuses for Backing Away on Immigration Reform Only Hurt GOP Presidential Candidates, Especially in Must-Win Nevada for Bush  

 Las Vegas, NV—Student Dreamer Dulce Valencia confronted Jeb Bush after a campaign event at the College of Southern Nevada where she attends, pressing him why he won’t support a path to citizenship, especially when his wife emigrated to the United States.


Dulce:             I want to know your position about a path to citizenship.

Jeb:                You know my position.

Dulce:             I’m wondering why is [path to citizenship] okay for your wife but not my parents. Why do you want to just give them “legal status,” what do you mean by that? Why not a path to citizenship?                                

Jeb:                My wife didn’t come here illegally, there’s a difference.

Dulce:             What’s the difference you mentioned [citizenship] for Dreamers but how about my parents?

[Ignored by Bush.] Governor?

Jeb:                No I gave you my position. We talked about this before. Yes I have. Just did. I believe in a path to legalized status for ... because I don’t think with 11 million people we’ll be able to get the consensus needed.


Nevada is becoming the make-or-break state for many presidential candidates. To remain competitive in the early primary and caucus races, Bush and Marco Rubio among others must win over Nevada’s growing Latino, Asian, and immigrant voting base. But no one in the GOP field has so far embraced immigration reform with a path to citizenship, a defining issue that motivates and turns out Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters.

Most recent Gallup poll continues to show broad support for immigration reform, 65 percent favor a path to citizenship.


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